Top 5 Best Shows Just Like Money Heist (Must Watch)

Money Heist originally named “La Casa De Parl” is a Spanish crime show which is also one of the most-watched shows on Netflix right now, it revolves around a heist and is full of action and twists. People were hooked to the show as soon as the first episode got aired and soon has millions of views, as told before. It’s about a heist which is led by a criminally minded guy who goes by ‘The Professor’.

It’s safe to say that there are a few other shows that have a similar plot and are relatively alike if we talk about the genre. let us have a look t the 5 shows just like the money heist tv shows.

5. El Ministerio Del Tiempo

If you notice you will find out that there are many shows on Netflix which are Spanish original series, one of those shows is El Ministerio Del Tiempo, which instantly makes it similar to Money Heist which has Spanish origin too. This show leans more toward sci-fi and has nothing to do with heists. It still is kind of close to Money Heist. This show tells a story about three people who work for a secret agency which has something to do with the time-traveling.

Apart from that, the genre has been in the discussion since the start so if we bring that up we’ll see that although this show isn’t about a heist. but still is has action crime which is related to money Heist.

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4. Prison Break

If we start talking about the Prison Break it is an American drama serial, unlike Money Heist which revolves around the idea of a heist. Although they do differ there, the show has a hint of crime thriller and action, which again makes it easy for a person to recommend it to an individual who is a Money heist Fan.

If we move further another thing that makes these two series alike is the personal relationship and the bond that is illustrated in the two shows, the connection between the professor and the inspector Raquel which builds up after a good turn of events is the same as that of which is shown in prison break between Lincoln Burrows and Micheal Scofield but in a different context.

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3. Bodyguard

It is British political police thriller television series and people do recommend it to individuals who are into action and thriller movies and shows, that is one of the reasons it is said to be like Money heist.

Although the show was a pretty big hit, there were no more seasons after the first one which was a disappointment for the viewers. the story is about a PTSD suffering police sergeant David Budd who was first in the British army as he is part of the British royalty security branch, he is assigned to protect the home secretary.

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2. EL Senor De Lo Cielos

The name of the show translates into “The Lord Of The Skies”. It tells a story about Aurelio Casillas, just like the other shows it revolves around the idea of him transporting and delivering drugs to Mexico, the United States, and Colombia. Since the show’s plot is about drug trafficking a person can easily predict that there is going to be active too.

This show is a little bit more dramatic than Money Heist but when it comes to action and thrill they both share the same genre and hence both of them are recommended to the viewers who are into crime and drama.

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1. Evil Genius

Evil Genius is a true story American bank heist, it is crime documentary that tells us the story of the murder of Brian Wells in an incident which is called the “Pizza Bomber”. The main point of commonality is that both of these shows are based on a heist, although Money Heist’s story is not true.

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Since both of the shows share almost the same genres so that makes them alike and are loved by people who watched either of the shows. The actors have done an exceptional job just like those of Money Heist because of which the show has become even more interesting to watch.

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