Marvel Superheroes Male Actors From Oldest to Youngest

Marvel cinematic universe is one of the best cinematic universes. Many superheroes movies and tv shows have been released in this universe. In every movie and tv series, we have got to see many new characters and all those characters have been played by different Hollywood actors.

Herewith the help of this article, we ranked marvel superheroes’ male characters from oldest to youngest.

1. Nick Fury

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his role is played by Hollywood American actor Samuel Leroy Jackson.

DOB: December 21, 1948

Age: 73 Years

Citizenship: United States; Gabon

2. Warmachine

This superhero character is played by Don Cheadle.

Born: 29 November 1964

Age: 57 years

3. Iron Man

One of the most popular MCU superhero characters is played by Robert Downey Jr.

Born: 4 April 1965

Age: 57 years

4. Hulk

One of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his role is played by Mark Ruffalo.

Born: 22 November 1967

Age: 54 Years

5. Groot

Real Name: Mark Sinclair

Born: July 18, 1967

Age: 54 Years Old

6. Drax

Real Name: Dave Bautista

Born: January 18, 1969

Age: 53 Years Old

7. Antman

Real Name: Paul Rudd

Born: April 6, 1969

Age: 53 Years Old

8. Hawkeye

Real Name: Jeremy Renner

Born: January 7, 1971

Age: 50 Years Old

9. Vision

Real Name: Paul Bettany

Born: May 27, 1971

Age: 50 Years old

10. Rocket

Real Name: Bradley Cooper

Born: January 5, 1975

Age: 47 Years Old

11. Doctor Strange

Real Name: Benedict Cumberbatch

Born: July 19, 1976

Age: 45 Years Old

12. Black Panther

Real Name: Chadwick Boseman

Born: November 29, 1976

Passed Away: August 28, 2000

Chadwick Boseman passed away at 43 Years old age

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13. Falcon

Real name: Anthony Mackie

Born: September 23, 1978

Age: 43 Years Old

14. Starlord

Real Name: Chris Pratt

Born: June 21, 1979

Age: 42 Years Old

15. Loki

Real Name: Tom Hiddleston

Born: February 1981

Age: 41 Years Old

16. Captain America

Real Name: Chris Evans

Born: June 13, 1981

Age: 40 Years Old

17. Winter Soldier

Real Name: Sebastian Stan

Born: August 13, 1982

Age: 39 Years Old

18. Thor

Real Name: Chris Hemsworth

Born: August 11, 1983

Age: 38 Years Old

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19. Killmonger

Real Name: Michael B Jordan

Born: February 9, 1987

Age: 34 Years Old

20. Spiderman

The youngest is Spiderman

Real Name: Tom Holland

Born: 1 June 1996

Age: 24 Years Old

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