Now You See Me 3 Trailer, Release Date and What We Know!!

Now You See Me is an American popular heist drama film franchise, the first installment of this franchise was released in 2013 and became a box office success, grossing $351.7 million worldwide. Now You See Me 2 was released in June 2016. It received mixed reviews from critics and grossed $334 million worldwide, fans liked both the film very much and waiting for its third installment.

Here we have great news for the fans Now You See Me 3 film is officially confirmed, Venom and Uncharted director Ruben Fleischer is going to direct the third installment of this franchise. Through this article, we will discuss everything we know about the upcoming sequel including its release date, star cast, and more details.

Is There Any Trailer For Now You See Me 3?

No there is no official trailer of the film released yet.

Now You See Me 3-Star Cast

The franchise has become so much success, its star cast has the biggest hand in it. It is officially confirmed that Eisenberg and Harrelson will reprise their roles from the first two films as J. Daniel Atlas and Merritt McKinney, respectively. The rest of the cast members will also appear in this film but there is no confirmation about who will play his role.

Now You See Me 3 Release Date Speculation

The last film of the franchise was released in June 2016, and since then six years have passed. There is no confirmed release date for the third film of this franchise. Now you see me 3 is under development then we can expect the movie to release in 2023. We will update you as soon as the release date of the film is confirmed.

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Where Can You Watch Now You See Me Part 1 And Part 2?

The first film of the franchise is available on Netflix, Apple Tv, and Amazon Prime Video while the second film is only available on the Netflix video streaming platform.


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