Top 5 Best Netflix Web Series You Should Watch Alone

If you want something seductive and spicy then you are in the right place today we are going to countdown and pics of the five best Netflix web series that you should watch alone along with mind-blowing steamy scenes. These five series also have great stories which will keep hooked from start to end read the full article to avoid missing any series from this list.

5. Cable Girls

This erotic Spanish special drama is set in Madrid in 1928 when the national telephone company opens in Madrid. Hundreds of girls queue up to get a job as a cable girls the only place that represents progress and modernity for women at that time.

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This is the story of four women from different backgrounds newly hired as operators for a phone and must learn how to balance work and life in the modern world while facing jealousy envy and betrayal from others. They get mixed up with the hunger for success friendship lust and love.

4. Easy (3 Season)

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The cool thing about this series is you don’t need to watch all three seasons as each episode is a standalone story.

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The entire Netflix web series takes place in Chicago but each 30 min episode focuses on the love lives of different characters in all types of relationships some are married, some have kids some want kids and some are heartbroken. Others are falling in love for the first time.

Most of the episodes can be seen as short films although the stories are loosely connected to this Netflix anthology is legitimately all about sex and love BDSM experimentation first time threesomes polyamorous marriages sex with your ex tinder and much more.

3. House Of Cards (6 Seasons)

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It is one of the finest erotic political thrillers in the history of television.


The series is set in present-day Washington d.c and follows the story of frank underwood a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district. When president Garrett walker refuses to give him the position of secretary of state Francis goes on a mission to bring walker and his close associates down to their knees. The story explores lies deceit and betrayal that happen in the white house and the bedroom and sex scenes are also aplenty in this series as the relationship between Francis and reporters o Barnes gets as steamy as the days go.

2. Valeria (2 Seasons)

This is based on the novel by Elizabeth bend tells the story of Valeria a writer who experienced both financial failure and tension with her husband. But when she returns to her three besties Lola, Carmen, and Naria for support.

She meets the funny and handsome guy named victor and things get steamy between them as he helps inspire Valyria to get back to her writing victor advises her that sex sells and she should write an erotic novel about her unhappy sex life but things get complicated when Valyria caught up in a world of love drama relationships and unfaithfulness the sex scenes are erotic, to say the least, which shows passionate and fearless lovemaking.

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1. The Tudors ( 4 Seasons )

You’ll see before there was a game of thrones there were the Tudors. It is based on the Tudor dynasty in 16th century England.


The story follows the life of the infamous king of England henry viii and takes place in the 16th century. It focuses on henry’s famous female companions like Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. It also explores henry’s relationship with important figures like sir Thomas more cardinal woolsey and Charles random who was henry’s best friend and unofficial adviser like most historical dramas there’s a political twist with lots of violence and lots of sex.

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