Squid Game Season 2 | Netflix, Trailer, Release Date & All We Know!!

The most popular show in Netflix history is squid game, season 2 of squid game is something that everyone is desperately waiting to arrive but until then I thought it would be worth seeing everything that’s known about it.

Through the help of this article, we will discuss everything we know about the upcoming season of the squid game which is coming to Netflix. No matter how long it takes I can’t wait for season two to be released.

Squid Game Season 2 Cast

The cast was something that along with the games made the show so great and strengthened the likability factor.  Something many shows struggle to achieve something with a lot of the cast perishing and succumbing to games in the show. The only absolute certainty that we know is the character Gihan, he will definitely be returning in season 2.

Squid Game Season 2 Release Date Speculation

The release date of the show is something that’s unknown as of now. We know for sure that there definitely will be a season two for a number of reasons just as the ending of season one sets season two up perfectly.

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Is There Any Official Trailer For Squid Game Season 2?

A teaser for the upcoming second season of the Squid Game was released on Netflix on June 12th, 2022. Here is the announcement teaser below that you can enjoy.


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