Purple Hearts 2 | Netflix, Trailer, Release Date & All We Know!!

Hello, welcome back to the new post of Hollywood lovers today in this article we will discuss purple hearts’ upcoming sequel.

Directed by Elizabeth Alan Rosenbaum Purple Hearts is a romantic drama movie now streaming on Netflix. This movie is not based on a true story but it is a film adaptation of Tess Wakefield’s 2017 book of the same name. Upon its premiere, purple hearts received a positive response from the audience for its wonderful storyline and takes a top spot on Netflix but what about its sequel?

Will there be a second part of purple hearts? has Netflix renewed it for the second film, those who have already watched this film are wondering if there will be a second part of the film well you are in the right place we are here with all the latest information we received regarding the Purple Hearts sequel.

What was the story of purple hearts?

Purple Hearts follows the story of a struggling singer-songwriter named Cassie and a soldier named Luke who agrees to marry for military benefits. Cassie works nights at a bar to pay off her medical debt after being diagnosed with diabetes as her financial situation worsens she learns that she can falsely marry a marine to take advantage of government benefits.

Will there be a second part of purple hearts?

Netflix has not announced the second part of the purple hearts but considering the popularity of the movie and fans’ response, this movie might get a sequel. If this happens fans can expect to see Purple Hearts 2 next year.


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Who can be expected to return in Purple Hearts 2?

If Netflix green lights purple hearts for its next installment then all the cast members will return in its second part. This includes Sophie Carson as Cassie, Nicholas Galitzine as Luke, John Harlan Kim as Toby, and Loren Escandon as Marisol. Along with these other cast members will also reprise their roles.

So this is all that we know about Purple Hearts 2. Hope you like the information and news updates.

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