Will Ironman Return in Mcu, Marvel Unanswered Questions

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Hollywood Lovers. In this article of the Unanswered Question series, I will answer various interesting questions related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just like Will Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a. Iron Man returns in MCU?

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Question 1. Why didn’t Hela win against Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok? 

In Thor: Ragnarok movie We saw two versions of Surtur First version we saw at the starting of the movie Thor: Ragnarok, was smaller and weaker as compared to other versions because its main power source was Eternal flame which was taken by Odin and kept in his vault. 

Because of the absence of Eternal Flame, Surtur became very weak so that Thor defeats Surtur very easily. If Hela would fight with this Surtur Then also she would win. Between Thor and Surtur Conversation Surtur says when his crown would be kept in the Eternal flame then he will come in his full form, It means that he will be restored to his full potential because Surtur had defeated Hela and destroyed Asgard in a few seconds. Only Odin was capable of defeating Surtur.

Question 2. Are there any chances of Iron Man returning?

Many videos have already been made on this topic, and officially, Robert Downey Jr. or Marvel Studios have not given any hint or statement.

 According to my YES, Iron Man may come back in future MCU projects. I am not saying that he will definitely come, but there is hope there are some chances that Iron Man can come in future MCU projects because, in the end, it is Marvel Cinematic Universe and where anything can happen. Just like it is officially confirmed that in Spider-Man: No Way Home movie Doctor Octopus will appear and his story will start with that point from where Spider-Man 2 movie had ended And from Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro will also appear from this one thing is confirmed If Marvel can bring back another universe villain in MCU after so many years then of course if Marvel wants then they can bring Iron Man back in MCU.

There are chances of bringing Iron Man back in future MCU movies but it totally depends on Marvel Studios leaving them no one can confirm Iron Man’s returns. Yes, I know this decision is difficult to come but still all the Marvel fans have hope that Iron Man will return Now, as per some rumors In the upcoming Iron Heart series Robert Downey Jr. may appear as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

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Question 3. How does Hawkeye never run out of arrows? 

Of course, after using all the arrows it becomes empty like the way you can see in this scene. But this happens very rarely with Hawkeye because his aim is perfect which we can say is next level. That’s why not a single arrow misses. You remember Hawkeye said Well, I played 18, I shot 18. Just can’t seem to miss it.

Question 4. The way Thanos used the time stone to revive Vision, why didn’t Doctor Strange use the same way to revive Tony? 

First of all, to revive Tony Doctor Strange has to take the time stone back from Tony After taking Time stone back from tony Doctor Strange had revived Tony in the same way as Thanos, but while doing this there one point will come when the Time stone will go back to Tony and due to this the process may get interrupted. Because at one time stone can’t be at both places. This was the reason due to which Doctor Strange was not able to revive Tony. But if we suppose that Doctor Strange revived Tony by any means the snap done by Tony would also be reversed and Thanos and his Army would also be revived Doctor Strange must have seen this possibility too, In which they lost the battle from Thanos and due to this Tony’s snap was important to defeat Thanos And I– am– Iron Man.

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Question 5. How fast is Thor in the MCU?

Thor is one of the fastest characters of MCU in fighting, reaction, and flight speed. Thor has easily blocked the beams of Destroyer which travels at very much speed As we know Quicksilver can run faster than the speed of *sound You didn’t see that coming?! In this scene of Avengers: Age Of Ultron Thor was the only Avenger who was seen moving in the perception of Quicksilver with this, Thor has seen Quicksilver running towards him and also reacted on it by throwing Mjolnir Thor had dodged Hela’s *Necroswords many times. From this, we can get the reaction speed of Thor because these blades can travel a big distance in a very small interval of time. If we talk about the flying speed of Thor then in this scene of Thor: Ragnarok Thor was flying away from the fire of Dragon with the help of Mjolnir and then we can notice the Mach cone on Mjolnir Mach cone gets created on any object when the object is moving in the speed more than that of sound.

It means that Thor was flying with the speed of more than sound with the help of Mjolnir. In MCU Thor is very fast in fighting, reaction, and flying Thor can fly with a minimum Supersonic speed and potentially till Mach 1000+.

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