Mad Max: The Wasteland Trailer Release Date Star Cast You Should Know About

After the classic success of the Mad Max Fury Road 2015 Fury Road an Australian post-apocalyptic action, director George Miller is all set to direct a new upcoming movie in the Mad Max Franchise titled Mad Max: The Wasteland. All the mad max franchise fans are very excited about the new upcoming film after watching mad max fury road that’s why mad max the wasteland is the most awaited upcoming movie. Here in this article, we will discuss Mad Max The Wasteland movie Trailer Release date, star cast storyline, and everything we know so far.

Mad Max The Wasteland Star Cast

Actor Tom Hardy will reprise his role as Max along with Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa and Nicholas Hoult another star cast of the movie is not officially confirmed yet but rumors tell that Chris Hemsworth will also be part of the upcoming mad max movie.

Mad Max The Wasteland Release Date

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Mad max fury road goes through several Issues before its theatrical release and something similar happens with its sequel mad max the wasteland release date.
Keeping the war and conflicts aside, there is everyone who wants its theatrical release as soon as possible. According to the report, mad max the wasteland will hit the theater on June 23, 2023.

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Mad Max The Wasteland Trailer

There are lots of fan-made trailers available on different youtube channels but no official trailer is released yet and possibly its official trailer will release at the end of 2022.

Mad Max The Wasteland Storyline

The mad max wasteland movie is set about a year before the opening scene of mad max fury road 2015. The Wasteland is centered on Max. It will be incredibly bleak according to Mark Sexton. Max will have his V8 Interceptor. Officials have confirmed that furiosa will not make her appearance in the mad max wasteland.


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