Everything We Know So Far About MCU’S Upcoming Blade Movie

Marvel Studios is developing a new blade movie and this movie will take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Earlier, Marvel had released three Blade movies from 1998 to 2004, in which Wesely Snipes played the role of Blade.

All these movies were very much liked by the audience and they started liking the blade character. In view of this, Marvel is going to bring a new Blade movie. Here in this article, we will know everything about MCU’s new upcoming superhero movie blade.

Blade Movie Details

MCU’S Blade Movie Star Cast

Wesley Snipes played the character of Blade in Marvel’s old blade movie, but here in this movie, Oscar-winning roles in Moonlight and Green Book actor Mahershala Ali will play Eric Brooks/Blade. As of now, not much star cast has been confirmed about it but in the future, Kevin Feige added some great actors.

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MCU’S Blade Movie Storyline

If we talk about the story of the movie, It will likely involve pieces of Blade’s origin and how he became a vampire slayer. The actual story of this movie will depend on which of his villains will be shown in this movie from Marvel Comics.

MCU’S Blade Movie Release Date

Marvel Studios has not fixed the theatrical release date yet, but the production of the movie started at end of 2021. The news came from quoting sources that this movie will be released in theaters at the beginning of 2023.

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As soon as its release date was confirmed by Marvel Studios we will update you, for this, you have to turn on notification.

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