10 Disturbing Facts about Deadpool

If you are reading this then you are a huge fan of Marvel’s funniest character Deadpool. In this article, we have come up with some disturbing facts related to him that every fan of Deadpool should know.
Let’s Start

Fact No 1

He’s seen countless dead versions of himself. The Deadpool kills Deadpool series saw a whole lot of Pool v Pool action. The good Deadpool corps, led by the OG, went up against the evil Deadpool Corps, led by Deadpool. And as you can probably guess, or remember if you’ve been reading us for a while, this led to a lot of Dead Pools. Just imagine looking out at a battlefield and seeing not only a bunch of dead bodies but a bunch of dead bodies that look an awful lot like you. What a nightmare

Fact No 2

He married Orka. We all know that Deadpool has a pretty disturbing list of lovers, but Orska is definitely up there. After taking out an alien bounty hunter, he came across his widow, Orka. In an attempt to calm her down, Deadpool kissed her, only learning after the fact that this kiss was basically a marriage proposal. She accepted, they got married, they went on their honeymoon, but after that Deadpool found someone else who was in love with Orska, and selflessly gave up his new bride.

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Fact No 3

He slept with Siryn after her baby was absorbed by someone. Yeah, in this fact the disturbing thing isn’t super related to Deadpool, but I think it’s really weird and interesting. As I said before, Wade was totally in love with Theresa Cassidy, aka Siryn, but she never let the relationship get too physical. However, Theresa had a baby with the self-duplicating Jamie Madrox, but it turns out she had the baby with one of his duplicates. This meant that the moment Madrox touched the baby, it was absorbed back into him, which was understandably distressing for her. So she did what anyone would do in such a horrifying situation she called up an old flame for a booty call. Kinda messed up, but he took it.

Fact No 4

The movie is banned in China. This might be the most disturbing of all the points. Deadpool was one of the three American films from 2016 to be banned in China, alongside Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad. Why is this disturbing? Just think about it. China has 1.38 billion people. That’s over a billion people who will never see Deadpool, never see him sawing off his own arm, never watch him get shot in the but tho it’s just devastating. Those poor people.

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Fact No 5

He was violated by Typhoid Mary. This one has been mentioned before but it is just such a doozy. Deadpool and Mary adventured together for a time, but eventually had a bit of a falling out. Typhoid Mary knew that Deadpool was into Siryn, so she used an Image Inducer to make herself look like Siryn, and get it on with Wade. When Deadpool found it, he was actually pissed and stopped trying to help her. Which kinda surprised me; I totally get normal people being disturbed by that, but Deadpool’s so messed up I would have thought he’d see that as a glass-half-full situation. I guess he really did love Siryn. Not that I blame him; I love a good Irish accent.

Fact No 6

The fact that he has sex at all. Honestly, probably the most disturbing part of any sexual encounter of his is the fact that he has sex at all. Most of the women he gets with are absolutely beautiful and talented, they could get pretty much anyone they want… and yet they choose the guy that looks like he had his testicles pulled out his mouth and wrapped around his face. I mean, good for him, and good on them for not being shallow, but like… I feel like a certain amount of shallowness is understandable.

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Fact No 7

He’s had another man inside him. No, I am not saying what you think I am saying. You may know Madcap, another healing factor character. At one point, he and Deadpool ended up being zapped by Thor, becoming a pile of dust on the ground. When Deadpool reformed, Madcap was nowhere to be seen, but Wade suddenly had a second inner voice. And that was Madcap. It was a while before Deadpool realized he had a visitor and kicked him out. And if you’re disturbed by how they joined together, you might want to brace yourself for how they got separated…

Fact No 8

The Madcap split. When Deadpool realized that Madcap was in his head, he had to get him out asap. So he did what anyone else would do… asked Thor and Luke Cage to rip his body in half! Yep. In a rather gruesome panel, they each grab an arm, Deadpool thinks right and Madcap thinks left, and they manage to split and regenerate into full versions of themselves. Does make any damn sense at all? No. But it is a comic book. And more than that, it’s a DEADPOOL’S comic book. So you kinda have to not only suspend disbelief but expel it completely.

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Fact No 9

His cancer isn’t gone… it’s just being kept at bay. Most people assume that since Deadpool’s healing factor heals wounds and disease, that he’d be cured of cancer. But the thing is the cancer kind of counteracts the healing factor, which otherwise would regenerate him way too quickly. Cancer’s degeneration fights his regeneration, which is why his skin is all messed up. There are times when he’s had his healing factor removed, and cancer went with it, but he has such a penchant for the danger that he always takes the healing factor back. And this constant cancer is pretty rough, because…

Fact No 9

He can feel pain. Yeah. A lot of people figure that part of his powers, or his insanity, is an inability to feel pain. NOPE. He feels every slice, every cracked bone, every severed limb, every shot to the bumhole. Not only that, but he can also feel cancer slowly destroying his cells, with them constantly being regenerated and then killed again. This isn’t touched on much in the comics because Wade tends to just ignore the pain, like the boss he is, but he feels it. And that, my friends, is disturbing as hell. That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed it,

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