Top 10 Upcoming Super Villains Of Marvel & DC | All You Need To Know

Hello superhero fans, as we know that apart from superheroes, powerful villains make movies exciting. So far we have seen some powerful and crazy villains in the MCU such as Queen of death Hella in Thor Ragnarock, Ultron in Avengers Age of Ultron, Dormammu in Doctor Strange, and most powerful villain Thanos who wiped out half of the population of the universe simultaneously we have seen such dangerous and powerful villains in DC as well one of them and my favorite is Joker.

Top 10 Upcoming Villains

Now in the upcoming marvel and dc movies, we will get to see some new villains who are much more dangerous or powerful than the old villains in MCU and DCEU.  In this article, we will know who those villains could be and what are their powers.

Upcoming DC Villains

1. Dr. Zoom

In dc comics dr. zoom is a scientist from the future who develop a formula with the help of that formula he also became a speedster like flash and this character gives equal competition to flash. Dr. zoom has appeared in dc comics Flashpoint and now it looks like he will be the villain of the upcoming dc movie The Flash.

2. Black Adam

Black adam is a powerful villain of Shazam if you have seen shazam 2019, so you might remember that there is a little bit of information about black adam by the sorcerer. Dc is working on an upcoming Black Adam film starring actor Dyawane Johnson and in the future movies of shazam, they may be introduced black adam as villain or antihero.

Upcoming Marvel Villains

8. Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the hunter is a famous spiderman villain in marvel comics and now marvel announced a solo movie on this character, it is also confirmed that Kraven the hunter will appear in the upcoming Spiderman movie as a villain. But it is still not confirmed which spiderman’s variant Kraven will fight.

7. Red Hulk

We were shown the character of Colonel Ross in the Incredible Hulk movie, later on, we also got to see this character in Captain America Civil War and Black Widow. In Marvel comics, the character of Colonel Ross is transferred to Red Hulk. It is being speculated that the character of Red Hulk will be seen in the upcoming Shehulk tv series.

6. Namor The Submariner

If we explain about this character in an easy language then we can call him Aquaman of the marvel. In Marvel comics, he becomes king f the Atlantis and there are rumors about this villain that we may get to see him in the upcoming MCU movie Black Panther Wakanda Forever. It is also being told that Namor’s character will kill Black Panther In MCU.

5. Mephisto

Mephisto is a Demon-like creature who rules in a pocket dimension called Hell. In Marvel comics, he is associated with the story of many Marvel comics superheroes. Hence it is being said that this villain could appear in the upcoming Rebooted Ghost Rider movie.

4. Kang The Conquerer

Those who have seen the Loki Tv series season first know about He Who Remains the villain of this tv series, which was a variant of Kang The Conquerer. In Marvel comics, he is a future scientist who understands the concept of the Multiverse and finds a way to travel to different universes for the first time.

We got to see the statue of Kang The Conquerer in the post-credit scene of the Loki tv series, and it is also confirmed by marvel studios that he will be the villain of the upcoming Antman movie.

3. Galactus

Galactus is one of those villains who consumed a whole planet, he is already in existence before the Big Bang and needs live force to survive that why he preys on those planets where intelligent civilization lives. Galactus will appear in upcoming fantastic four films as a villain.

2. Gorr The God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher is a villain in Marvel comics who kills the gods. He has hunted a lot of gods and acquired the power of each god he kills. we will see him as a villain in the upcoming Marvel movie Thor Love And Thunder and he will give a good bump to marvel’s thor the god of thunder.

1. Dr. Doom

Dr. doom tops the list of all upcoming villains and he will be seen in the MCU soon. It is being said that just like villain of the Infinity Saga was Thanos, in the same way, the villain of the Multiverse Saga will be Dr. Doom.

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