Things You Should Know Before You See Spiderman No Way Home

Spiderman’s upcoming new movie spiderman no way home may be the most secretive movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. It has become a juggernaut of hype and speculation, especially since the release of its official trailer on youtube and the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made. On December 17, 2021 spiderman no way home is all set to hit the theaters in some countries its release date is 16 December 2021.

Kept all this aside there are some important things you should know before you see spiderman no way home which is brushing up your spidey knowledge.

1. No Way Home Borrows From One More Day

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After watching the trailer and very brief synopsis, it seems like spiderman’s no way home is borrowing from one of spider man’s darkest stories in comic books ”One More Day”. In this movie, spiderman tries to erase public knowledge of his identity same as the One More Day comic story.

2. Spiderman No Way Home Could Be Tom Holland’s Endgame

A little more heartbreaking after avengers endgame where fans lost their loving superheroes, IronMan, Black Widow, Captain America. According to director Jon Watts in an interview, no way home movie is essentially Spider-Man: Endgame, which is something spiderman fans should be ready for.

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3. The MCU Could Forever Change

Messing with timelines leads to drastic consequences. Not only old Spiderman movies characters are leaking into the marvel cinematic universe, but there could also be other old characters that enter in MCU, as well. They could be X-MEN,¬†Fantastic Four, and Netflix’s Daredevil.

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4. Expectations Should Be Kept In Check

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Fan’s expectations for no way home are higher than any film ever. Every fan wants to see Andrew and Tobey’s spiderman return, but that does not mean they will return. If a fan’s expectations are too high for spiderman no way home then it is impossible to meet all of them. Go for it and just enjoy the film.

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