Love In The Air Season 2 Trailer (2024) | Here’s Everything You Need To Know!!

Love in the Air is one of the most amazing drama series over the course of its 13 main episodes show tells the love stories of two couples. In its first seven episodes, Rain discovers more about his sexuality once he gets to meet and interact with Pou. The final 6 episodes of the program are centered on the story of Sky Rain’s friend who had a bad experience with love in the past and had vowed never to fall in love again until he met Prai.

It seems as though fans are still not ready to say goodbye to the series Love in the Air. The request and desire for the second season of the series are trending on social media. So will there be a second season? Here we are going to share all the details with you including the second season’s release date and star cast.

Will there be a second season of Love in the Air?

A 13-episode plus one additional special episode. Love in the air second season has yet to a confirmed for renewal by the producers of the show as of the time of this article many fans of the show are hoping for a second season.

When will the upcoming season of Love in the Air be released?

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As there’s no official confirmation of its renewal the release date for The Love in the Air’s second season is still unknown. The popularity of the series gradually increased as more people began to watch it,


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