John Wick Vs Agent 47 Who Would Win & Why ?

It’s a matchup for two ages, two of the world’s most legendary hitmen in a one-on-one brawl to the death. John wick vs Agent 47, which professional killer reigns supreme? Before we find out, let’s meet our contestants.

John Wick’s Introduction

1. John wick was born a gypsies orphan or a child thief in an impoverished Mexican village, depending on where you get your lore from movies or comic books. What is generally agreed on is that upon reaching adolescence, John join the US Marines, where he became proficient in a number of different firearms. His talent for violence led him to become a professional assassin nicknamed “The Boogeyman”, as he was widely feared for his lethality.

Eventually, he joined the Continental, a sort of club made up of elite assassins with its own rules of conduct. Consider it like the bounty hunter’s guild from Star Wars, but less dumb. John eventually joined up with a Russian outfit known as the Tarasov Mob, becoming its leader’s main hitter. All that changed when he met a woman and he left the business in spectacular fashion killing all of his boss’s enemies in a single night.

Turns out though that the ultimate hitman is cancer, because, after a few years of happy bliss, John’s wife succumbed to the terrible disease, leaving him with a puppy to help him mourn. Nothing at all tragic happened to that puppy and John lived happily ever after.

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Agent 47 Introduction

Agent 47 is more a science experiment than the man being the result of a very expensive genetic engineering project that used genes from five different men. As one of a set of clones, Agent 47 was the most successful and spent his childhood learning how to kill with various weapons as well as his bare hands.

Eventually 47joined the international Contract Agency and became one of its most prolific agents, until he was sent on a series of contracts to secretly kill his five genetic fathers. Uncovering the plot at the end, 47 kills his creator and flees, finding a new life in the quiet Sicilian countryside.

47 is tracked down though and forced back into the world of killing when his new mentor a catholic priest, is kidnapped and used as collateral to make him kill again. 47 is thrown back into a life of violence talking out criminals, warlords, and other clones like him.

Our two combatants share a tragic backstory wick was either an orphan or agent 47 is a test tube baby bred for killing.

Alright, so how do the two killers match up?

1. Both Wick and 47 are skilled martial artists, as well as equally proficient in firearms of all calibers.

2. Both men are extremely well trained with blades of all sizes, from knives to swords.

3. Both men are also at peak human physical and mental fitness levels, though Agent 47 has an advantage in this area as he was genetically engineered to be stronger, faster, and more intelligent than the average human.

4. While not possessing superhuman strength by any means, Agent 47 is slightly stronger than John Wick thanks to his test-tube baby origins.

5. On a job, Wick has a much stronger moral compass than Agent 47, absolutely refusing to accept any collateral damage in the form of innocents. Agent 47 on the other hand is more than willing to allow a few innocents to die, even if he does generally do his best to prevent unnecessary death.

6. In a matchup to the death, wick’s stronger sense of morality may be his downfall, as Agent 47 will recognize Wick to be the deadly threat that he is, and be more willing to sacrifice innocents in the ensuing battle than wick would be.

7. Agent 47 also has an advantage over Wick in his ability to retain his composure no matter the circumstances. Wick is prone to fits of rage, and while this makes him a very fearsome opponent, it also lets him be easily manipulated into throwing himself into extremely dangerous situations.

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Agent 47 has all the advantages here, however picking a clear winner is so difficult, but if you play the odds then the odds are simply more in favor of Agent 47. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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