God Of War Tv Series| Trailer, Release Date and What We Know!

Hey, guys welcome to another post for Hollywood lovers, I wasn’t expecting to do a news article regarding this series for a while since God of War Ragnarok has only been out for a month. But here I am telling you that God of War is getting a live-action series.

If you follow the god of War series in this capacity you might know that about a year ago there were rumors floating around that the God of War could be getting an Amazon live-action series at that time Amazon was only in talks with the Playstation. But now Amazon has announced that they will in fact order a God of War live-action series co-produced with PlayStation production.

God Of War Tv Series Plot Details

The show will be a retelling of the story of God of War 2018 which sees Curtis on Arteyas taking face Ashes to the highest peak in all the realms. The showrunner will be Rave Judkins who previously worked on Uncharted movies joining the show as a writer.

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God Of War Tv Series Release Date

Now I do have to let you know that this show is still in the earliest stages of production and because of that we still don’t know when it will be released.

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Who Will Play Kratos in Live-Action Series?

There are many actors in my opinion that would look good in a live-action version of Kratos. but as I’m sure you know my vote goes to Jason Momoa he’s got the height and the right facial features.

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