Everything We Know About Daredevil Born Again

Hey guys thanks for coming to hollywood lovers, I thought we could talk about everything we know about the upcoming MCU show Daredevil Born Again.

Well, we have known for a little while that Charlie Cox was set to return in his own daredevil series after that iconic appearance in No Way Home along with Vincent Donofrio returning in the Hawkeye TV series. Fans have high expectations for them in the MCU and in San Diego comic-com we got the big announcement.

Where Can We See MCU’s Daredevil?

Now at Comic-con, the panel didn’t show any footage or shots or concept art or anything like that they just dropped the title and the release date but if you are watching MCU there’s a lot that’s already in place or about to fall into place now there’s a lot that’s been set up or in the process of being set up before the daredevil show ever airs.

Daredevil’s Appearance in She-Hulk and No Way Home

He already appeared in No Way Home and quite honestly is supposed to have a second scene in the more fun stuff version when it comes out in September. We also saw him in the last seconds of that She Hulk trailer and from what I’m hearing he’s not going to play a very small part, several rumors that I have heard about the show indicate he could appear for as many as three episodes which depending on the amount of screen is a lot of face time for Matt Murdock.

Daredevil Will Appear in Echo TV Series

Now the next place we will see Daredevil is likely to be the Echo matter Matt Mardock and Wilson Fisk played by Charlie Cox and Vincent are likely to have pretty big parts in this series and I suspect we are going to get a lot of setup for the upcoming born again series in Echo.

Daredevil Born Again Release Date

Kevin Feige revealed that the series is indeed coming and will be here in the spring of 2024 and be named Daredevil Born Again. We also found out it will be 18 episodes which is pretty incredible seeing as most of these Disney shows are coming in at six episodes.

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Daredevil Born Again Storyline

The series named Born Again is probably the most interesting thing in the announcement, now you remember when spider-man came back to the MCU they called it homecoming and it was kind of like a nod to spider-man coming into the MCU and also happened to be the title of the film I actually think the title born again is that for the Daredevil.

Born Again is really distinctive comic story and basically was told in season three of the Netflix series, now the comic and season three of Netflix share the same central elements it seems Matt Murdock goes a little off the rails and becomes paranoid as the kingpin tries to destroy his life and kill and kill him what we got in season three of Netflix.

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Daredevil Born Again Star Cast

It’s pretty great that both Vincent Donofrio and Charlie Cox are back. Vincent Donofrio’s Kingpin is still considered one of the best castings for many comic book fans and Charlie cox is a fan favorite for a reason.

The rest of the cast Deborah Anne Wolf’s Karen Page and Eldon Henson’s Foggy Nelson were a big part of the show and I totally hoped they also come back I don’t think the show would be complete without them.

The actor who played Brett Mahoney teased us a little bit on Instagram check out his post. This to me is one of the best signs that some of these core cast members will be returning I really hope so. This is very well cast and almost every actor in the series totally delivered.


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