Best New Movies About Witches On Netflix 2021 and 2020

The supernatural mystery, the female empowerment, and magic make a witch movie spellbinding. Witches hold their own special place in the world of horror cinema because uncountable people are witches movie die-hard fans.

Many movies about witches are released every year but now we have only put new movies about witches on Netflix in the years 2021 and 2020 which you should try to watch if you love witchcraft movies. 

New movies about witches on Netflix in 2021

First of all, in this list, we will talk about the witches movie released by Netflix in 2021.

The Unholy

The Unholy is an American movie about witches was released on 2 April 2021 on Netflix. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Gerald “Gerry” Fenn, William Sadler as Father William Hagan, and Cricket Brown as Alice Pagett is the major star cast of the movie. You can watch it on Youtube, Google Play Tv & Netflix. 

Night books

Nightbooks movies is perfect for children who love the horror genre. It is not too scary. Nightbooks is a dark fantasy American movie based on the 2018 horror fantasy children’s book. Winslow Fegley as Alex and Lidya Jewett as Yazmin are the major star cast of the movie. It was released September 15, 2021, and now you can watch it on Netflix Subscription. 

Fear Street

Fear Street is an American film series and the first movie of the series is Fear Street Part One: 1994 was released on 28 June 2021 and the trilogy continues with part two: 1978 and part three: 1666 which were released on July 9 and July 16 respectively. All three parts are available on Netflix Subscription. If you want to watch the best movies about witches then you should go for these movies. 

New Movies About Witches On Netflix In 2020

Not many movies Netflix has released in the year 2020, but I have added all the movies that have been released and the fans have liked them.

The Craft Legacy

The Craft Legacy is a supernatural horror movie mainly focused on four teenage girls who pursue witchcraft. It is a soft Reboot to the 1996’s the Craft. Cailee Spaeny as Lily Schechner, Lovie Simone as Tabby, and Gideon Adlon as Frankie are the major star cast of the film. The Craft Legacy movie was released on 28 October 2020 and its IMDB rating is 4.5/10. You can enjoy it on Netflix Subscription. 

The Old Ways

The Old Ways is a Horror Fantasy American movie directed by Christopher Alender. It stars Brigitte Kali Canales as Cristina, Julia Vera as Luz and Andrea Cortés as Miranda, Cristina’s cousin. The Old Ways film was released in October 2020. You can watch it on the Netflix video streaming platform. The Total running time of the movie is 90 minutes and IMDB ratings are 5.4/10.

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