Aquaman 2 and Shazam! 2 Release Dates Delayed Again

Hey, guys welcome to hollywood lovers here we have a massive update to the WB Dc film’s release schedule. Well, we have been talking for quite a long time about all the shifting around that’s been going on over at Dc films as many of you know warner brother’s discovery has taken over the organization and that has sent shockwaves all the way down to the scheduling.

Now we got a vast report from the deadline and it appears that rescheduling has once again impacted two big dc movies Shazam fury of gods and Aquaman the lost kingdom. Now just so that you know it has not moved Black Adam which is still set to release in just a few weeks but the deadline is reporting that the warner brothers have indeed shifted both other films.

Shazam fury of the gods new release date

Shazam fury of the gods has been moved from December all the way to march 17 2023 that’s probably a smart move considering this movie was going head to head with avatar the way of water the sequel to one of the biggest movies ever and something that’s been highly anticipated by the fans for so long. It was likely to overshadow the Shazam sequel.

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Aquaman and the lost kingdom new release date

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Now the other movie that got moved is Aquaman and the lost kingdom and unfortunately, it doesn’t even have a date yet it will be released at Christmas of 2023 but they haven’t given any details about exactly when we have finally seen the movie quite honestly both movies will probably be pretty big for the box office results.


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