5 Thing You Should Know Before Watching Morbius Movie

After the release of spiderman no way home, fans are excited about the other upcoming superhero movies and the next upcoming movie is Morbius. Morbius movie is all set to hit the theaters on 1 April 2022. Before watching Morbius’s movie 5 things you should know that helps you to understand the movie here in this article everything is spoiler-free.

Morbius Is a Supervillain

The first time Morbius appeared in the amazing spiderman comic 101 as a supervillain and fought against spiderman. Morbius was stronger than venom in comics and sony showed venom as an antihero in the movie the audience liked it and it is the main reason why marvel makes another movie on a supervillain and introduce him as a new antihero.

Morbius Has A Rare Blood Disorder

In the amazing spider-man, he was a doctor Michael Morbius. He was also the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and a Greek biochemist before he became a living vampire. In comics had a rare blood disorder that was slowly causing his body and mind to waste away and it is the main cause of his transformation into a vampire.

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Morbius Could Connect To The Rest Of The MCU

A sudden appearance of supervillain Vulture in the trailer of Morbius marks the first solid connection the film has to the rest of the MCU.  The last time we saw Vulture behind bars. In this trailer, he was talking with Morbius that looks like planning something big because a meeting of a supervillain and antihero is not as simple as it looks.

Spiderman’s Character Could Appear

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Morbius is a Spider-Man character who made an appearance in Spiderman comics. Highly chanced that spiderman could appear in this movie because tom holland’s spiderman is already rumored to appear in the next Venom film by Sony, so he may very well make a cameo in Morbius.

Morbius Doesn’t Have Magic Powers

In Marvel comics, he has no special magical powers but he is a pseudo-vampire. He has his own powers like Genius-level intellect, speed, power of sixth sense, Superhuman strength, and Accelerated healing making him very dangerous for his opponents.  His senses also became amplified, and he gained excellent night vision and bat-like echolocation abilities.

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Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing spiderman movie series, Tom Hardy’s Venom 2018, Venom let there be carnage and if possible then Tom Holland’s Spiderman trinity.

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