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The 365 Days have been the biggest hit since its release, the erotic movie garnered massive success due to its brilliant performances. We must also mention that the music that separated the film from others, the background music made the movie more beautiful every moment had the right beat to make us agree with the protagonists.

Fans like us have been waiting to hear for 365 days 4. Finally, we are getting more updates about it and to know more keep reading till the end because we are going to reveal everything about the upcoming film.


Will There Be A 365 Days 4?

We watch the 3rd part of the movie in August 2022, It gathered 39.9 1 hours on Netflix. We have been speculating about what happened between Massimo and Laura at the time. There is no concrete information available however the ending of the 3rd movie and the demand of the fans necessitate the fourth 365 days.

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When Would 365 Days 4 Released?

It would be released in 2024, previous movies were released back to back because they were filmed without a break, so we gotta watch the movies in the same year however the 4th movie has not even entered production.

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Who Will Return In 365 Days 4?

There is no more information about the star cast of the film but the major star cast will definitely return.

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