Upcoming Marvel games, from Spider-Man 2 to Marvel’s Iron Man

Hello, Marvel Fans today we are going to talk about all Marvel games confirmed and rumored to be in development from Spider-Man 2 to Marvel’s Iron Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

This is the sequel to the Spiderman PS4 game that launched in 2018 and as well as a continuation of what we got in 2020 with Spider-Man Miles Morales. In this game now you get to play as both Spider-Man.

What’s New In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Game

In this new Spiderman game, there are Web Wings, and the Symbiote suits and Peter got control of it will new symbiote abilities. Other than this the open world is twice the size that it was in the first two games, and of course, we have massive new villains like Kraven The Hunter, The Lizard, and as well no other than Venom. There’s so much promise here from Insomniac Games and what they are going to deliver with Marvel Spider-Man 2 and which will be launching this year on October 20th.

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Marvel’s Iron Man game

As a Marvel fan, we know that EA is publishing an Iron Man game date that is to be developed by the Motive studio. Iron Man is going to be a single-player action-adventure game that’s set in its own Marvel universe. It’s not going to be a big multiplayer game with tons of microtransactions, It’s also hinted that the game may indeed be an open-world game which I am very happy about.

Marvel’s Wolverine Game

A Wolverine Game is also in development as that was announced alongside Spider-Man 2 back in 2021 during the PlayStation showcase. We currently don’t have a release date for Marvel’s Wolverine.

Untitled: Captain America & Black Panther

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They are teaming up in this AAA action adventure that’s coming from sky dance new media with Amy Henning at the helm. Amy Henning is actually responsible for the uncharted games or at least a lot of your favorite ones. The story of the game takes place during World War 2.

This game is currently unconfirmed but comes from a source that also confirmed the Iron Man game before it was even initially announced.


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