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Marvel superheroes have different types of powers such as Iron man has his iron suit or technology, doctor strange has magical powers, spiderman has web-shooters. Apart from this, there are some characters in the marvel cinematic universe who are known for their fighting skills. 

Today through this article we will give rankings to those characters on the basis of their fighting skills, and in these rankings, we have ranked only those characters which we have seen in movies. Series and comic books characters are not included in this list.

Note: All the rankings of the character are inspired by marvel’s official website on which they have given points to every character on behalf of their fighting skills.

10. Gamora

Gamora is the only survivor of her planet and the adopted daughter of Thanos. Thanos has trained her in such a way that she is considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the Galaxy that too on the basis of her fighting skills. In Marvel comics, she has defeated Shehulk.

9. Black Panther

Talking about combat fighting it can’t happen that there is no name of The Black Panther in it. In the movie Captain America Civil War, Black Panther gave single-handed competition to Captain America, which proves that Black Panther is also an expert in combat fighting. It is so low on this because he is not very powerful without his power and vibranium suit of Black Panther.

8. Winter Soldier

you don’t need to tell how powerful the winter soldier is, because you have already seen this in the movies. He is single handle defeated Black Widow and also matched Captain America. He is so low on this list because ever since it got out of the clutches of Hydra then he is not so dangerous.

7. Hawkeye

Hawkeye is a very skillfully combat fighter in this list, because of his Ronin form which we have seen in Avengers Endgame. If we talk about why he is so far behind in this list so it’s the biggest reason is that he is more dependent on his weapons.

6. Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the best Marvel superhero characters that can be considered on every list that we will make about superheroes. Deadpool’s healing abilities, fighting skills, and focus on using blades and guns bring him to this number on this list. In Marvel comics, Deadpool defeated Thanos and almost kill every superhero.

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5. Black Widow

Black widow an Assassin fighter of marvel has gotten her training in Red Rooms. Black Widow has been trained in such a way that she can wield all types of weapons and learn each and every fighting style comfortably. Matching an alien-like Proxima midnight in avengers infinity war shows how powerful she is.

4. Captain America

Captain Steve Rogers has been replaced at the number four position. Marvel’s official website has given him six fighting points out of seven and other characters that I have placed on the top of him have given 7 out of 7 points by marvel studios so Captain America is a little lower on the list. What will the rest talk about his fighting skills you all have seen in movies.

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3. Wolverine

if you have watched fox’s x-men movie series then you will know how powerful and strong he is? He is the most popular and everyone’s favorite Marvel superhero and it is very difficult for any villain to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat fighting. In Marvel comics when he did not have its healing factors, he defeated Hulk with his fighting skills.

2. Shang chi

Shang chi movie was released in 2021 and if you have seen this movie then you will know a lot about this character. Shang chi is known as the master of Kung fu and he has learned all the martial arts of the platen earth. His father trained him in such a way that no human from the Earth can defeat him in hand-to-hand combat.


1. Taskmaster

Let’s talk about the topper of this list, which is Taskmaster, we got to see this character in MCU as a villain of the Black Widow movie. Taskmaster is considered the best hand-to-hand fighter of the marvel cinematic universe. Taskmaster’s biggest power is his photochromatic memory and reflexes. With the help of photochromatic memory, he can easily copy the fighting skill of the fighter who fights against him.

This is the list of the top 10 best combat fighters of the marvel cinematic universe. Do comments below and tell which is your favorite combat fighter of MCU.




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