The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 | Release Date And Everything You Need To Know!

You’ll like a good teen romance television program if you are anything like us. It’s even better when the show is filmed in s stunning summery setting. The Summer I Turned Pretty, which debuted on the platform in June 2022, is like magic the answer to all of our prayers on Amazon Prime Video.

The show focused on the life of Belly, a young woman who becomes caught up in a love triangle with her two oldest friends, brothers Conrad and Jeremiah. Author and series creator Jenny Han’s trilogy of books served as the inspiration for the TV adaptation. With fans now clamoring for a second season, it’s safe to that we are deeply involved.

What is known so far about The Summer I Turned Pretty season two?

Has production for the Summer I Turned Pretty season two begun?

The Summer I Turned Pretty season two is officially occurring and has even begun production, which is wonderful news. Prime Videos announced with the help of an Instagram picture and they said in the caption that season 2 has begun.

Is there a release date for The Summer I Turned Pretty season two?

The Summer I Turned Pretty season two’s release date is regrettably still unknown. But at least shooting has started, so that’s something. On June 17, season one became available on Amazon Prime Videos. So season two is anticipated t premiere in the spring or summer of 2023.

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Who can be expected to return in The Summer I Turned Pretty season two?

The belly is played by Lola Tung, and Conrad and Jeremiah played by Christopher Briney and Gavin Casalegno are brothers vying for her favor these three are essential to the show’s existence so anticipate the return. Jackie Chung who plays belly’s mother Laurel and Sean Kaufman who plays her brother Stephen are also expected to return.

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