MCU’s Moon Knight TV Series Official Trailer, Release Date and Details

Moon Knight is a new action-adventure TV series coming to Disney Plus. A very famous Marvel character for many years, Mark Spector, was a mercenary and left for dead in the Egyptian desert. He now may or may not be infused with powers from khonshu the Moon God or he might just be crazy this is what Disney Plus is doing for the MCU and for marvel fans.

Welcome back to Hollywood Lovers here in this article we will discuss the moon knight tv series release date, star cast, and everything you should know about it.

Watch Moon Knight TV Series Official Trailer

Marvel Studios released the official trailer of the Moon Knight tv series on January 18 on its official youtube channel marvel entertainment. The trailer has shown us a lot about the series. Here I have added the trailer you can watch and don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comment box.

Moon Knight TV Series Star Cast

Disney confirmed that one of Marvel’s darker and more obscure heroes is played by star-cast actor Oscar Isaac. Canadian actress Emily VanCamp will reprise her role of Sharon Carter in the moon knight tv series. Gaspard Ulliel and Loic Mabanza will also be part of the series. 

May Calamawy and Ethan Hawke have been cast in undisclosed roles.

Moon Knight TV Series Storyline

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Moon knight is a marvel comic book story and the first season of it will introduce the character to the majority of its audience. It is not clear yet what the moon knight tv series will be about but the series would want to explain how Mark Spector becomes a superhero. 

Moon Knight is often considered as the Batman of marvel comics and doesn’t be surprised that the moon knight series has DCEU Batman-like tone.

Moon Knight TV Series Release Date

Moon knight tv series will be part of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s phase four and tv series consisting of a total of six episodes, all the episodes will premiere on the Disney Plus video streaming platform. Marvel Studios has released the trailer of moon knight snd confirmed its official release date through the same trailer which is 30 March 2022.

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Most Asked Questions About Moon Knight TV Series

Is Moon Knight a Villain?

Moon knight debuted in marvel comics as a villain but somehow he became an Anti-Hero.

Is Moon Knight a God?

According to comics, the Egyptian Moon god transformed Spector into Moon Knight.

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Is Moon Knight a copy of Batman?

There are clear influences of Batman on the Moon Knight character but both are different from each other. 

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