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Hey guys welcome to a new article on Hollywood lovers nowadays everyone’s talking about Emily in Paris season 3, and some are saying that the end was indeed a real cringe while some are loving it either way the Netflix show is in the limelight at the moment, and fans can’t wait to catch the next season of Emily in Paris series. In January Netflix announced that along with a season 3 renewal fans were getting a season 4 too.

Here through this article, we will discuss everything we will know about the upcoming season of Emily in Paris. The last season of the series was released in December 2022.

When is Emily in Paris season 4 streaming on Netflix?

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The show’s official Instagram handle made the huge reveal just three weeks after the world received the second set of episodes for Emily in Paris via a Montage of famous scenes from the two seasons.

However, there is no release date as of now, going by the release date of the first three seasons. Our guess says that we might be able to see the next season sometime in December 2023.

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