Disenchanted : release date and everything we know about the Enchanted sequel

Here’s everything we currently know about the Disney film Disenchanted, also known as Enchanted 2 including its release date cast, and plot. The long-awaited sequel to the Amy Adams- starring fantasy musical Enchanted from 2007 called Disney’s Disenchanted is about to hit the theatres.

There have been numerous whispers of an Enchanted sequel throughout the years, but nothing was verified until Disney plus tweeted about Amy Adams and Giselle’s formal comeback on Disney investor day in December 2020, announcing the official title: Disenchanted.

What Could The Enchanted Sequel Be About?

According to the Disenchanted plot summary on IMDb, the narrative occurs 15 years after Enchanted’s conclusion.

When Will Disenchanted Be Released?

On November 24, 2022, disenchanted will be made available only through Disney Plus. Since the 2020 announcement enchanted 2 has been slated for a fall 2022 release. However, the precise date and month were unknown until Disney revealed in May 2022 that Enchanted 2 would premiere on Thanksgiving, making it one of many eagerly awaited 2022 Disney films.

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What Is The Release Date For Disenchanted Trailer?

There is still no official release date for the Enchanted 2 trailer, but given that Disenchanted will be in theaters on Thanksgiving 2022 it should happen sooner rather than later. Disney also disclosed that disenchanted won’t have a theatrical release and will instead be a Disney plus exclusive.

Who Will Return To The Cast Of Enchanted 2?

In 2020 Amy Adam’s return as Giselle for Disenchanted was revealed. Who else will appear in the follow-up, on march 23, 2021 Alan Menken the composer of the music for the animated film Enchanted, said that Patrick Dempsey would return to the role of Robert Philip.

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